Misconduct- Desertion and Court martials

During the war at least 122 men were charged with desertion. Nine of those, however, were as a result of the chaos which ensued in wake of the fiasco at First Bull Run, July 21, 1861.

Straggling probably also accounted for the 44 men who were charged with desertion on or about September 21, 1862, at Upton's Hill, Virginia. (Many of those charges were removed years later.)

Of the number charged with having deserted we know that:

  • 53 discharged for disability
  • 5 mustered out of service
  • 1 dismissed (Ben Nestle, court martialed for desertion)
  • 3 died of disease
  • 4 listed as No Further Record
  • 21 transferred to the 5th Michigan infantry upon consolidation of the two regiments in June of 1864
  • 3 transferred to U.S. regular army units
  • 6 transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps (also known as the Invalid Corps)

Court Martial
During the war 31 men of the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry were court-martialed:

James Ayes
Joseph Badger - sent to prison
Ambrose Bell
LT James Bennett - cashiered (pictured above)
Charles Birkenstock (while serving in the 5th Michigan Infantry)
John Bissell
LT Almon Borden - cashiered
George Bridgman*
CAPT Emery Bryant
George Clay*
George Cook*
Charles Corey*
Zara Cotton*
Charles Finch
Sylvester Gay
Charles Henderson
Edwin Hoard (while serving in the 5th Michigan Infantry)
Ozias Martin
Abram Martindal
James Maury - sent to prison
Ben Nestle - branded with a "D" on his hip and drummed out of the army
Andrew Nickerson
Henry Parker
William Payne*
Abram Shear - sent to prison
Amos Stockwell
John H. Sumner (while serving in the Reorganized 3rd Michigan Infantry)
William Van Dyke*
William Von Wagner
Elijah Warner
Charles Wright (while serving in the 5th Michigan Infantry)

*Probably court-martialed.