no further record

At least 30 men are listed as "no further record" in regimental documents and with the exception of Henry Smith, Thomas Henfry and Virgil Hamilton all were listed in an "Unassigned" company.

  • Clarkson Abbott
  • Charles Brown, substitute
  • Joseph Cantor, substitute
  • Edward Grayson, substitute
  • Edward Hall
  • Charles Hamill
  • Virgil Hamilton
  • John Hamilton, substitute
  • Gilbert Hansen
  • John Harper
  • John Harris
  • Thomas Henfry
  • Henry Jones
  • Nathaniel Lenning
  • John Marsh
  • Christy Martin
  • John Miller (2), substitute
  • William Monroe (2)
  • Edwin Moucham
  • Edward New, substitute
  • John Otto, substitute
  • Charles Palmer
  • Samuel Sikes
  • Henry Smith, substitute
  • Robert Smith
  • Alfred Spencer
  • Calvin Strain
  • Franz Sumner, substitute
  • Henry Ward, substitute
  • Charles White, substitute

Only Henry and Hamill seem to have wound up in several different units: Henfry served in the 17th US infantry and Hamill served in the 12th Michigan infantry, the 1st US cavalry and in fact stayed in the army after the war serving out west for some years.

Eleven of the 30 were substitutes for men drafted. Five of the 30 are known to have survived the war.

never joined

Another seven men never joined the 3rd Michigan in Virginia: Rendel Fisher, William Sayles, Martin Bates, John Lucas, George Runyan, Edmund Bement and Preston Chaille.

Aside from Fisher the other six joined a different Michigan unit: Sayles in the 6th cavalry, Bates in the 3rd cavalry, Lucas in the 10th cavalry, Runyan in the 5th infantry, Bement in the 12th infantry and Chaille in the Light Artillery. All but Fisher are known to have survived the war (what became of Fisher remains unknown).