Men who served in second units

Between late December of 1863 and March of 1864, 206 men reenlisted for three more years of service. Company G had the highest number of reenlistments, 24 (or 13.4% of the total reenlisted). Company B had the lowest with 11 (6.1%). The company average was 18.

Transfer and Second Units
Aside from the 362 men who transferred into the 5th Michigan Infantry following consolidation in June of 1864, some 357 Old 3rd Michigan men were either transferred or discharged and reentered the military. Of that number 57 would join a third unit. At least 195 men entered a second Michigan unit.

Former Old 3rd Michigan soldiers also enlisted in units of other states as well as the federal armed forces:

  • 3 in Illinois
  • 1 in Indiana
  • 1 in Massachusetts
  • 1 in Minnesota
  • 1 in Missouri
  • 1 in New Jersey
  • 19 in New York
  • 5 in Ohio
  • 3 in Pennsylvania
  • 3 in Wisconsin
  • 47 in the U.S. Army, including 5 in various U.S.C units
  • 1 in the U.S. Marine Corps
  • 6 in the U.S. Navy
  • 90 in the Veterans Reserve Corps

If we add the 357 men who reentered a second unit to the 362 men who were transferred to the 5th Michigan infantry, we arrive at a grand total of 719 men who served in a second unit, or 51% of the overall total of men who served in the Old 3rd Michigan.