Reentering the army

Aside from the men who transferred into the Fifth Michigan, 357 Third Michigan men reentered the military after being discharged or mustered out of the Third Michigan Infantry. While the majority of these men who reentered the army served primarily in Michigan regiments they also served in regiments from Massachusettes, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Illinois,Ohio, Pennsylvlania, Wisconsin as well as the US army, navy and Marine Corps. (

photo: Peter Weber, former cpl of the 3rd Michigan was serving as Major of the 6th Michigan cavalry when he was killed at Falling Waters, MD, on July 14, 1863; source: USAMHI.)

If we add the 357 men who reentered a second unit to the 373 men who were transferred to the Fifth Michigan infantry (minus 12 who were counted in the second unit category, 361), we arrive at a grand total of 718 men who served in a second unit

And 58 of those who had served in a second unit served in a third unit as well.

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