Chandler Andrews updated 11/6/2017

Chandler Andrews, also known as “Andrus”, was born 1829 in Massachusetts or Ohio.

By 1850 Chandler was working as a laborer and living with the Parr family on a farm in Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Chandler was probably living in Euclid where he married Eliza J. (b. 1835) on June 23, 1852; they had at least two children: Charles E. (b. 1853) and Mary E. (b. 1858).

Chandler may have moved to Michigan after he was married and if so he may have purchased 40 acres of land in Ionia County. It seems fairly certain that between 1853 and 1858 Chandler moved his family from Euclid to Michigan, eventually settling in Caledonia, Kent County, and by 1860 he was working as a farmer and living with his wife in Caledonia.

He was 32 years old and living in Brownville, Caledonia Township, when he enlisted in Company K on May 13, 1861. (Chandler may have been related to Orlin “Andrus” who also enlisted in Company K.) In the summer of 1861 reports were apparently circulating among his family and friends at home that he was sick and absent from the Regiment. George Miller of Bowne, Kent County and a member of Company A who probably knew Andrews before the war, wrote home to his own family in Kent County in August of 1861, that “Chancie Andrews is alive and [has] been with this Regiment all the time.”

As the spring campaign got underway in eastern Virginia in early April of 1862, Chandler was taken ill near Yorktown, Virginia and by at least May 4, 1862, he was a patient in the military hospital at Yorktown. According to Lieutenant Milton Leonard of Company K, on or about April 10, while the Third Michigan was at Yorktown, Virginia, Chandler “while in the usual course of duty, and by necessary exposure which could not be avoided, he was taken ill with a severe cold which resulted in his death . . . of quick consumption.” Lieutenant Leonard added that the day before he was taken ill Chandler was detailed with a work party building a road.

Chandler did indeed die of consumption at the general hospital in Yorktown, on June 19, 1862, and was buried at Yorktown National Cemetery: grave no. 1078.

His widow received pension no. 64995. She was still living in North Brownville, Caledonia Township, but in June of 1865 married one Abraham Hawkins. The following year Eliza surrendered her pension in favor of her children who received a pension as minor children (no. 64995).