Allegan county cemeteries

On Friday I spent several hours touring a handful of Allegan county cemeteries looking for men of the Third Michigan Infantry, and the trip was largely successful.

In Wayland I visited Hill cemetery, located east of town on 4th st. just south off of 135th ave. I also visited Elmwood cemetery, just south of town off of 10th st. (A45). The cemetery is split into two halves divided by the highway, with the older graves found generally on the west side of the road.

I retraced my steps back through Wayland and headed east again on 135th ave. but when I reached 4st st. I turned left or north and drove a couple of miles north to Hooker cemetery in Leighton township.

I then meandered my way to Allegan, the county seat, where I stopped by the enormous Oakwood cemetery. Unfortunately no one available to help me find the three guys I was looking for there and since there were no division markers I moved on to Taylor cemetery in Ganges township. Taylor is located on 68th st., also known as Blue Star Highway, just south of rte 89.