Rollin W. Atwood - updated 12/29/2016

Rollin W. Atwood was born on September 17, 1839, in Lenawee County, Michigan, the son of Lucius Atwood (1805-1849) and New York native Hannah Atwood (1807-1878).

In 1835 Seth “Attwood” purchased 240 acres of land in Michigan and died the following year in Rome, Lenawee County. In 1840 Lucius Atwood was living in Seneca, Lenawee County. He probably settled his family in Michigan sometime after 1832.

In 1850 Hannah and her daughters Emily (b. 1831 in New York), Michigan-born Martha (b. 1834), Malissa (b. 1841) and Eunice (b. 1845) were living in Seneca, Lenawee County and Charles Atwood (b. 1832 in New York), was listed as head of the household. Rollin is not found in the public records until 1860 when he may have been working as a farm laborer and/or living with the James Baldwin family in Douglass, Iroquois County, Illinois. In any case, he was possibly living in Lenawee when the war broke out and he came to Grand Rapids to enlist in the spring of 1861.

Rollin stood 5’9” with hazel eyes, brown hair and a dark complexion and was a 21-year-old farmer when he enlisted in Company H on May 13, 1861. He was discharged for consumption on June 25, 1862, although according to at least one source he was a patient at the U.S. general hospital in Annapolis, Maryland sometime around the first of August.

By June of 1863 Rollin was back at his family home in Seneca, Lenawee County when he was listed on the Civil War Draft Registration. Rollin reentered the service in Company A, 13th Michigan Infantry on September 3, 1864, at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County for one year, listing his residence as Kalamazoo and crediting Comstock, Kalamazoo County. However, it seems likely that Rollin never joined the regiment near Lookout Mountain, Tennessee where it was on duty in the fall of 1864. He was reported absent sick in February of 1865 and admitted to Harper Hospital in Detroit on April 15, 1865, quite possibly still suffering from consumption. Rollin was discharged at Detroit on July 14, 1865.

Rollin returned to his family home in Lenawee County. In 1870 Hannah and her daughter Eunice were living in Seneca village, Lenawee County.

Rollin died on October 10, 1872, presumably in Lenawee County, and was buried with his family in Oak Grove Cemetery, Morenci, Lenawee County. There seems to be no pension available.