Eli Cory

Eli Cory was born around 1839.

Eli was 22 years old and probably living in Ingham County, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company B on May 13, 1861. (Apparently he had originally enrolled in Company G, the “Williams’ Rifles from the Lansing area, for reasons unknown he was transferred to Company B.)

On August 7, 1861, Eli was slightly injured in an accident that occurred in camp. According to Frank Siverd of Company G, “An accident occurred this p.m. which came near proving fatal to [Charles] Gaskill, of our company. A musket charged with ball and buckshot was carelessly fired by a member of company B. The charge riddled two tents. The ball struck Gaskill on the back part of the head and made a flesh wound several inches long. One of the shot took effect in the elbow of Corey, formerly of our company, but now of B. Corporal [Joseph] Stevens and a number of others were sitting in the same group with G. and C. and their escape is miraculous.”

Eli reportedly deserted somewhere in Maryland, on June 26 or July 1, 1863, while the Regiment moved into action at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

There appears to be no further record, and no pension seems to be available.