George W. Culver

George W. Culver was born around 1839.

George was about 22 years old and possibly living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company K on May 13, 1861. (He was possibly related to Noah Culver of Company I and/or Oliver Culver of Company K.) George was listed as an orderly to Third Brigade commander General Hiram Berry from August of 1862 through September and from November of 1862 through June of 1863. He was probably in furlough in March of 1863 when he returned to his home in Grand Rapids where he married Jeanette C. McCall on March 22, 1863. (She was probably the same “Jennette” McCall, born around 1844 in Michigan, who was working as a domestic and living with her father Alexander, a shoemaker, in Byron, Kent County, Michigan in 1860.)

George eventually returned to Virginia and was killed on May 5, 1864, during the Wilderness campaign, although it is possible that he died of disease in a hospital in New Jersey. He was buried either among the unknown soldiers at the Wilderness or in New Jersey.

It is not known what became of his widow. No pension seems to be available.