Francis “Frank” G. Kimball update 10/18/2016

Francis “Frank” G. Kimball was born in 1838.

Francis was 23 years old and possibly living in Kent County, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company A on May 13, 1861. George Miller of Company A, who shared a tent with Francis in the winter of 1861-1862, wrote home on November 21, 1861, that he thought Kimball “a good natured fellow.”

By August of 1862 Francis was employed as a wagoner, probably detached to Brigade headquarters where he continued to work through June of 1863. He was reported missing in action on July 2, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and in fact had been taken prisoner. He was eventually released and was apparently mustered out on June 20, 1864, at Detroit.

Frank also served in Companies A and E, Third Pennsylvania cavalry.

It is not known if Francis returned to Michigan after his discharge and probably settled in Philadelphia after the war.

He married Sarah Meade (1846-1908).

In February of 1883 he applied for a pension (no. 472672) but the certificate was never granted. Frank may have been living in or near Fernwood or Landsdowne, Pennsylvania when he died on November 5, 1887. He was reportedly buried in Fernwood cemetery.

In April of 1888 his widow applied for a pension (no. 370272) but the certificate was never granted. In the Grand Army of the Republic Journal of the 1888 National Encampment, his widow, who was then living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wanted to obtain the addresses of any former comrade of Company A who knew her husband. She pointed out that he was taken prisoner at Gettysburg and that she was “desirous of obtaining a pension,” and all replies were to go through John Hayes of the Grand Army of the Republic U.S. Grant post in Philadelphia. However the certificate was never granted.

Sarah eventually remarried to a Mr. Thornton and in 1890 she was listed as formerly the widow of Francis Kimball, and living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1891 a pension was filed subsequently on behalf of one William Meade, a one minor child and granted (no. 435726).