John Kling

John Kling was born in 1823 in Prussia.

John immigrated to America, eventually settling in Michigan where by 1860 he was may have been working as a rope-maker in Springfield, Wayne County.

Nevertheless, he was apparently living in eastern Missouri by the time the war broke out. He stood 5’10” with blue eyes, brown hair and a light complexion, and was 39 years old when he first enlisted in Battery K, Second Missouri Heavy Artillery on November 12, 1861, at St. Louis, Missouri for 3 years, and was mustered out on August 24, 1863, at Benton Barracks, St. Louis.

After his discharge John eventually returned to Michigan and by 1864 he was probably living in Muskegon, Muskegon County, when he reentered the service at the age of 41 in Company C, Third Michigan infantry on January 30, 1864, at Grand Rapids for 3 years, crediting Muskegon County. He was mustered the same day and joined the Regiment on February 18 at Camp Bullock, Virginia. He was transferred to Company I, Fifth Michigan infantry upon consolidation of the Third and Fifth Michigan Regiments on June 10, 1864, and was mustered out on July 5, 1865, at Jeffersonville, Indiana.

After the war John returned to Michigan and resided in Huron County where he worked for many years as a gardener and a laborer.

He was married to Mary and subsequently to Julia A. (b. 1818).

By 1880 John was working as a farmer and living with his wife Julia and granddaughter Vinia Liney in Zilwaukee, Saginaw County; also living with them were four boarders. By 1885 John was living in Hume, Huron County.

In 1885 he applied for and received a pension (no. 621479).

He was admitted to the Michigan Soldiers’ Home (no. 530) on March 4, 1887, was discharged on July 19, readmitted (date unknown) and discharged for the last time on September 13, 1891.

John died at Port Crescent, Huron County, on October 3, 1892, and was presumably buried there.

His widow Julia A. was residing in Port Crescent, Huron County in 1894 when she applied for a pension (application no. 587380), but the certificate was apparently never granted.