William H. Kirkland - update 8/28/2016

William H. Kirkland was born in 1842.

In 1860 there was one William H. Kirkland, age 14 and born in Michigan, son of William H and Mary, living in Almont, Lapeer County, Michigan

William was 20 years old and possibly living in Jamestown, Ottawa County, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company I on April 8, 1862, at Grand Rapids for 3 years and was mustered the same day at Detroit.

William died of disease on June 7 or 8, 1862, at Annapolis, Maryland, and was reportedly buried in the “Citizen’s Graveyard” at Annapolis; he was eventually interred in Annapolis National Cemetery, section N, grave no. 11.

No pension seems to be available.