John Miller (2)

John Miller (2) was born around 1835.

John was 28 years old and had probably just moved to Michigan from either New York City or Montreal, Quebec, when he became a substitute for George Hesslehulm or Hesloon, who had been drafted on February 17, 1863, for 9 months from Erin, Macomb County. John enlisted in Unassigned on March 3, 1863, at Erin for 3 years, crediting Erin, and was allegedly sent to the Regiment on March 6, 1863.

There is no further record nor is there a military service found in the Third Michigan records at the National Archives.

Apparently John also became a substitute for Chris Rotha who was drafted from Warren, Macomb County on March 3, 1863, and it is quite probable that Miller enlisted in Company K, Fourth Michigan infantry at Warren for 3 years. If so, he deserted en route to Washington from Detroit. Again, there is no further record.