Sylvester Osborn

Sylvester Osborn was born in 1832 in New York.

Sylvester was 29 years old and possibly living in Barry County, Michigan, when he became as a substitute for Tunis Collier, who had been drafted on February 10, 1863, for 9 months from Prairieville, Barry County.

Although Sylvester originally enlisted in Unassigned he was sent to Company E when he joined the Regiment on March 10, 1864, and in April was on detached service with the wagon and ambulance trains. He was discharged upon expiration of his nine-months’ term of service on November 10, 1863.

It is not known if Sylvester ever returned to Michigan.

He married New York native Amanda W. (b. 1847), and they had at least one child: Flora (b. 1876).

He was probably residing in Ogden, Weber County, Utah in 1870, and in Utah in 1876. By 1880 he was working as a miner and living with his wife Amanda and daughter in American Fork Canyon, Utah County.

He was married a second time to one Mary C.

He was still living in Utah in 1911.

In 1897 he applied for and received a pension (no. 1041587).

Sylvester died on January 20, 1919, at the Soldier’s Home in California, and was presumably buried there.

His widow was residing in Illinois in April of 1919 when she applied for a pension (application no. 1139710) but the certificate was never granted.