Aaron H. Sickles

Aaron H. Sickles was born in 1840 in Cattaraugus or Monroe County, New York, probably the son of George (1810-1872) and Nancy Lovina (b. 1816).

His first name was spelled variously as Amon, and Aman. On his enlistment paper his own signature appeared to be Anan or Aman H., although the officer filling out the form spelled his name as Aaron.

In 1840 there was a George Sickles living in Chili, Monroe County, New York. In any case, Pennsylvania or New York native George and New York-born Lovina were presumably married in New York where they resided for some years. Between 1840 and 1845 the family moved to Michigan, and by 1850 “Aaron” was living with his family in Fredonia, Calhoun County. By 1860 George had settled his family in Odessa, Ionia County and Aaron (listed as “Almon H.”) was working as a farm laborer along with his younger brother Charles probably on their father’s farm (George owned some $3500 worth of real estate).

“Aaron” stood 6’2” with hazel eyes, auburn hair and a light complexion and was a 22-year-old farmer probably living with his family in Ionia County when he enlisted in Company E on March 28, 1862, at Saranac, Ionia County for 3 years, and was mustered on March 31. (Company E was composed in large part by men from Clinton and Ingham counties, as well as parts of Ionia County.)He was present for duty in March and April, but was AWOL in July and August, and allegedly deserted while the regiment was on the march on October 15, 1862 at or near Upton’s Hill, Virginia.

There is no further record. No pension seems to be available.

However, it appears that “Aaron” survived and eventually returned to his home in Ionia County.

He married New York native Mary (b. 1843) on June 4, 1865, and they had at least six children: Florence (b. 1869), George S. (b. 1872, the year Aaron’s father died), Norman (b. 1873), Arthur (b. 1875), Ernest (b. 1877) and Eva (b. 1879).

“Aaron” and Mary were living in Michigan in 1869 and by 1870 he was working as a farmer (he owned some $2300 worth of real estate) and living with his wife and daughter in Odessa, Ionia County. By 1877 they were living in Sylvan, Osceola County, and by 1880 Aaron was working as a farmer and living with his wife and children in Day, Montcalm County.