Daniel G. Slade

Daniel G. Slade was born in 1834 in Allegany County, New York, probably the grandson of Ephraim (b. 1790),

In 1840 there were two Ephraim Slades living in Independence, Allegany County, New York (probably father and son, see below). By 1850 Daniel was attending shcool and working as a farmer and living with Massachussets native Ephraim (b. 1790) and (probably his second wife) New York native Phebe in Ulysses, Potter County, Pennsylvania. Also living with the Slade family were the Kelly children: seven-year-old Harriet, five-year-old Joseph and 22-year-old Charles. Next door lived two Slade men (aged 27 and 33 years). That same year New York natives Ephraim (b. 1811) and Louisa B. (b. 1818) were living in Ulysses, Potter County, Pennsylvania By 1860 Ephraim and Phebe were living in Allegany, Pennsylvania; that same year New York natives Ephraim (b. 1811) and Louisa B. (b. 1818) were living in Ulysses, Potter County, Pennsylvania. (it is possible that Daniel was both son and grandson of the Ephraim Slades.) In any case, Daniel left New York and settled in western Michigan by the time war had broken out.

Daniel stood 6’0” with gray eyes, sandy hair and a light complexion and was a 27-year-old carpenter probably living in Allegan County when he enlisted in Company F on May 13, 1861. He was discharged on November 19, 1861, at Fort Lyon, Virginia for an ulcer and partial atrophy of his left leg.

In November of 1861, shortly after he was discharged from the army Daniel applied for and received a pension (no. 271083).

After his discharge from the army Daniel returned to Allegan County eventually settling in Wayland village.

He was married to Ohio native Cynthia (1838-1907), and they had at least two children: Freddie (1865-1872) and Lottie (b. 1866).

Daniel died at his home in Wayland in 1869, and was buried in Elmwood cemetery, Wayland: lot 89, grave 4.

By 1870 Cynthia was working in a milliner store and living with her two children in Wayland village. (That same year one Phebe Slade, age 61 and born in New York, was living with Kate Kelly and her husband in Heath, Allegan County.) In 1878 (?) she applied for and received a pension (no. 207990). She was still working as a milliner and living in Wayland in 1880 and still living in Wayland, Allegan County in 1890.