William Henry Harrison Snyder

William Henry Harrison Snyder was born in 1840.

William was 21 years old and probably living in Muskegon County when he enlisted in Company F on May 13, 1861. He was absent on picket duty in September and October of 1861 and again in January and February of 1862. In March and April he was present for duty, and in May and June he was listed as a Regimental pioneer.

William was taken prisoner either on June 30, 1862 at Savage Station, Virginia, or on July 1, 1862, at White Oak Swamp, Virginia, and confined on July 13 at Richmond, Virginia, where he was employed as a nurse on the second floor in prison no. 4. He was paroled at Aiken’s Landing, Virginia, on August 5, returned to the Regiment on August 8 at Harrison’s Landing, Virginia and was absent sick from August 24 through November. William was dropped from the company rolls on December 30, 1862, per War Department General Order no. 92, regarding deserters, but was later reported mustered out with the Regiment in Detroit on June 20, 1864.

No pension seems to be available.