Sanborn Hath Jr. - update 10/18/2016

Sanborn Hath Jr. was born in 1828 in Vermont, the son of Sanborn Sr. (1791-1879) and stepson of Emily (Hooker, b. 1802).

New Hampshire native Sanborn Sr. was married, presumably in Vermont where he was residing when his son Sanborn Jr. was born. In 1832 Sanborn Sr. married Vermonter Emily in Peacham, Caledonia County, Vermont. They eventually left Vermont and had settled in New York by 1837 when their son James was born, although apparently they returned to Vermont where they were living in 1841 and 1846. The family eventually moved on to Michigan and were probably living in Milan, Monroe County in 1840. In any case Sanborn Sr. eventually settled his family in Dewitt, Clinton County.

By 1860 Sanborn Jr. was working as a farm laborer, attending school with his siblings and living on the family farm in Dewitt, Clinton County. He may have been married to Virginia-born Sarah (b. 1835) and they may have had two children: Cornelia (b. 1853) and Rebecca (b. 1859).

Sanborn Jr. was 33 years old and possibly living in Clinton County, Michigan, when he enlisted as a wagoner in Company G on May 10, 1861, at about the same time as his younger half-brother Andrew Hath. According to Captain Robert Jefferds of Company G, Sanborn distinguished himself at the battle of First Bull Run. The Republican reported in mid-September that Hath was “the only wagoner who brought his load safely from the field of Bull Run. He brought thirty bushels of oats in addition, which was all the grain the horses of the Regiment had to subsist upon for nearly a fortnight. He has been promoted to wagoner of the Regiment for his conduct.”

Nevertheless, Sanborn reportedly deserted on February 11, 1862, at Alexandria, Virginia, or February 13 or 15, 1862 at Camp Michigan, Virginia.

There is no further record, and no pension is available.

By 1870 Sanborn, Sr. and his wife were living in Charlotte, Eaton County. Sanborn Sr. died in Dewitt in 1879.