How many men actually served in the 3rd Michigan Infantry?

(This refers only to the 1st organization of the regiment, 1861-64, not the second or reorganized 3rd which served from 1864-1866)

Based on present research, when the 3rd Michigan left Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 13, 1861, it had enrolled (inclusive of officers, musicians and wagoners) 1,046 men and officers:

Company A 102
Company B 100
Company C 103
Company D 101
Company E 102
Company F 103
Company G 101
Company H 102
Company I 106
Company K 99
Staff 8
Band 19

During its existence, the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry recruited some 365 additional men. They joined the original group of 1,046 who had enlisted by June 10, 1861, for a total of 1,411 men who either enlisted in or were assigned to the regiment during the war. Of the total enrolled:

Company A 127
Company B 121
Company C 132
Company D 134
Company E 163
Company F 131
Company G 125
Company H 128
Company I 144
Company K 130
Unassigned 46
Staff 11
Band 19