3rd Michigan buried at Gettysburg PA

Of the 171 Michigan soldiers buried here 10 (not 11) were members of the 3rd Michigan Infantry; three errors are noted, however: Erson Smith was not killed but taken prisoner and died of his wounds in Richmond in September of 1863, Reuben Tower is listed incorrectly as Reuben "Power" and John M. Brown is incorrectly reported in the 3rd Michigan cavalry.

Charles Soule buried in Vicksburg MS

Charles was born about 1845 in Michigan, the son of Benjamin (1810-1876) and Alzina or Alvina (1816-1868) and the brother of Harrison Soule, born about 1842 in Michigan. Both men enlisted in the 3rd Michigan Infantry. (See his full biography.)

Charles was taken prisoner on November 30, 1863 at Mine Run, Virginia, and sent to Andersonville, Georgia. Charles was struck down by dysentery and admitted to the prison hospital on March 24, 1865 with chronic diarrhea. He was exchanged on March 26, and admitted to McPherson hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi from Camp Parole on April 7. Charles died in the hospital on April 20, 1865 and was buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery: section I, grave 7429.

Note, the cemetery is laid out on a series of stepped hills and many of the sections -- arranged by letter and then sequential grave number -- are not clearly marked if at all. Also, you will need to go to the USS Cairo Museum to ask about specific burials. They can provide you with maps -- also not very good -- and give you the general sense of where to look.


3rd Michigan burials update

In preparation for my upcoming presentation on the men of the Old 3rd for the Grand Rapids Civil War Roundtable in September, I've updated my burial data for those men interred in Kent County, Michigan.

Of the 1,4111 men enrolled in the regiment between 1861 and 1864: 

871 men survived to see 1866
680 buried in Michigan
208 buried in Kent County

Top four burial sites in Kent County (all in Grand Rapids):

42 in the Michigan Soldiers' Home Cemetery
36 in Oak Hill Cemetery (north and south)
20 in Fulton Cemetery
19 in Greenwood Cemetery

Fulton Cemetery

Fulton Cemetery