William F. Hogan

William F. Hogan was born in 1842.

William was 19 years old and possibly living in Lansing, Michigan, when he enlisted with the consent of the Justice of the Peace in Company G on May 10, 1861. (Company G, formerly the “Williams’ Rifles,” was made up predominantly of men from the Lansing area.) Barely five weeks after the Third Michigan left Grand Rapids for Washington, DC, the Regiment found itself tested in battle for the first time during the Federal retreat from Bull Run. According to Frank Siverd of Company G, Hogan and several others had been sent to the rear exhausted after the recent ordeal at Bull Run on July 21. By early September William had been assigned with another member of the company to take care of the horses.

In late November of 1861, Company G participated in a reconnaissance to Occoquan, Virginia, during which Hogan apparently captured a rebel soldier. “We returned to camp about 9 p.m.,” wrote Frank Siverd on November 27, “after a wearisome march of thirty miles, during which we scoured the whole country from Accotink to Occoquan without discovering more than one secesh, and he was a poor, sickly, dispirited fellow, who was no longer able to keep up with his retreating friends, and was consequently taken in charge by Private Billy Hogan, . . . who now sports a fine Mississippi rifle as a trophy of his adventure. The prisoner belonged to the Maryland First, and was clad in a good suit of homespun cotton -- rather cool for the season; he had no knapsack, but carried with him a fine blanket which we recognized as one of those taken from our Brigade at Bull Run, in which engagement the prisoner took part.”

William was probably hospitalized briefly at Yorktown in May of 1862, but had rejoined the Regiment by June 2.

He was reported by another member of Company G to have been a Corporal when he was killed in action on August 29, 1862, at Second Bull Run. His remains were presumably removed and buried among the unknown soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery.

No pension seems to be available.