Christopher Reglin - update 8/30/3016

Christopher Reglin was born in 1828 in Germany.

Christopher immigrated to the United States. He married New York native Roxana (b. 1826), possibly in New York, and they had at least two children: Hamlet (b. 1856) and James (b. 1862)

In 1856 they were living in Erie but eventually moved west and by 1862 the family was living in Michigan.

Christian stood 5’6” with hazel eyes, dark hair and a light complexion and was a 32-year-old farmer possibly living in Ionia County, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company G on March 11 or 13, 1862, at Saranac, Ionia County for 3 years, and was mustered on March 12 or 13 at Grand Rapids. He was reported sick in the hospital in March of 1864, but eventually returned to duty and was severely wounded in the hand in early May. He was subsequently hospitalized, and probably still absent sick when he was transferred to Company A, 5th Michigan Infantry upon consolidation of the 3rd and 5th Michigan Regiments on June 10, 1864.

He remained absent wounded or sick until he was discharged on either September 16, 1864, near Petersburg, Virginia, or on August 27, 1864, at Detroit for disability, possibly as a result of wounds received in action.

After he left the army Chris returned to Michigan. He was probably living in Michigan in 1864 when he applied and received a pension (no. 37452). The family eventually returned to Erie County, New York and by 1875 Christopher was working as a farmer and living with his wife and two sons in Clarence, Erie County, New York. They eventually moved back west and settled in Wisconsin. By 1890 Chris was living in Medford, Taylor County, Wisconsin.

Chris probably died around 1896, probably in Wisconsin, and is buried in Medford Cemetery, Medford, Wisconsin.

His widow was living in Wisconsin in May of 1896 when she applied for a pension (no. 633154), but the certificate was never granted.