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Lyman Noble. Crandall - update 1/28/2017

Lyman Noble Crandall was born June 21, 1841, in Ontario, Canada, the son of New York natives John Crandall and Jerusha Maria Noble (b. 1814).

John and Jerusha were married on August 7, 1831. By 1851 Lyman was living with his family in Bayham, Elgin County, Ontario. Lyman left Canada, probably in the late 1850s, and moved to America. By 1860 he was a farm laborer living with and/or working for William Calles in Hinton, Mecosta County.

Lyman was 19 years old and probably residing in Newaygo County when he enlisted with the consent of the Justice of the Peace in Company K on May 13, 1861; his brother Perry Crandall, enlisted in Company H. On July 13, 1862, Lyman wrote to his friend George Nellis in the 10th Michigan caval

ry, from Harrison’s Landing, Virginia. “Well we have had some hard times since we left Yorktown. We have had one fight at Fair Oaks and then when we started on this retreat for we had Seven Days fighting. Our Regiment covered the retreat with a very little loss. Well it is of no use for me to try to tell the fortunes of the battle for I cannot. Well you must excuse my short letter for it is time to blow out the light for the taps has been beaten and the lights must now darken for that is orders. Perry [of Company H and probably his brother] is well and he sends his respects to you and the rest of the family.”

Lyman was a guard at Corps headquarters from May of 1863 through July, in August was reported to be “driving cattle” and in September he was on detached service at Third Corps headquarters, probably with the Brigade Commissary, where he remained until he deserted from Third Corps headquarters perhaps in October of 1863, or while “in the field” on December 23, 1863. There is no further record.

Lyman returned to his home in Canada.

He was probably living in Bayham, Ontario when he married Canadian (Quebec) native Mary J. Turner (b. 1845), on April 17, 1864, in Tilsonburg, Ontario. Sometime before 1861, and they had at least four children: Mary (b. 1861), Milton (b. 1865) and Franklin (b. 1868) and Robert D. (b. 1875).

Sometime after 1868 Lyman moved his family to Michigan (his first three children were all born in Canada). By 1870 he was working as a farmer and living with his wife and three children in Vassar, Fremont Township, Tuscola County. He was working as a farmer and living with his family in Fremont in 1880. (His brother Perry and his family were also living in Vassar in 1880.)

No pension seems to be available. (Probably as a consequence of the charge of desertion.)

Lyman died in 1886, presumably in Tuscola County, and was buried in Fremont Township cemetery, Mayville, Tuscola County.

His widow was residing in Fremont, Tuscola County in 1890. She remarried to Ephraim Deamud in 1896.