Veterans' Associations

Old 3rd Association
Of the 866 men who we know survived the war (after 1865), at least 327 (and possibly as many as 362) became members of the Old 3rd Michigan Michigan Infantry Association, a fraternal organization which existed from 1870 to 1927.

Grand Army of the Republic
At least 254 veterans joined one of the many GAR posts around the United States. In the state of Michigan, at least 239 men joined Grand Army of the Republic.

"Soldiers' Homes"
In addition to the growing number of federally-funded "National Military Homes" scattered around the United States, many states built their own homes as well. At least 39 former members of the 3rd Michigan were at one time or another residents of national homes in Maine, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and California.

Ninety-seven veterans of the "Old 3rd" eventually became "inmates" of the Michigan Soldiers’ Home, which opened in Grand Rapids in 1885.

  • First to join: Ozias Martin (admission number 7) of Company A, in 1885
  • Last to join: Lyman Sayles (number 8184) of Company H, in 1928

Altogether at least 137 men (about 15% of the survivors) became inmates of either state-sponsored or federal veteran support care system.

Of 1,412 men enrolled, at least 1,099 men and/or their dependents submitted pension applications to the federal government: 883 men were granted pensions, as well as 438 widows and 73 minor children; also several dependent mothers and fathers.